A horse’s basic nutrition diet must include pasture or any kind of harvested roughage. The energy intake and the digestive tract fill is determined by playing up the distribution of roughage and its concentrates. It also prevents dysfunctions in the digestive system. Plus, the horse’s consumption of feeds is regulated.

The key in feeding horses is that they must be fed at least 1% of their total weight every day. This allows the horses to use up 2 to 2.5% of their body mass in the 24-hour interval.

The energy needs are lower than the stated figures when feeding adult horses. It could be done by giving them roughages that are of good-quality. The supplement needed in adult horses is salt. This is a balanced mineral supplement.

When feeding pregnant mares, be cautious because their diet has to be a combination of both roughages and concentrates. These are measured in the horse nutrition required amounts so that the mare will be able to store up body fat that will be used for lactating and rebreeding.

The required horse nutrition nutrient needs when feeding growing horses has to be obtained so that the pony can get to the optimal growth. This will result to a well-developed and well-structure maturity phase. By providing growing horses with a balanced diet, there is less chance for them to suffer orthopaedic diseases.

For growing horses, a balanced diet is when all the nutrients are served in the required quantities making these relative to one another. Diets for growing horses has to be balanced depending on their energy consumption.

When feeding foals, you must give them the correct supplements before the weaning phase. Some mares are poor milkers, then the foal will be ill with diseases. This is the time for the owner to contribute to the foals’ health.

The practice of horse nutrition using growth stimulants, antibiotics and additives are suppose to be helpful in the livestock industry but there is few conducted research that shows it has the same effect on horses. There have been studies showing that horses benefit from these types of medicines – but they can only be used for a short-term only.

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