Horses are great animals, and owning one can be an absolutely rewarding experience. Taking care of a horse can be quite a challenge however if you’re a new horse owner; here are some tips to follow that will ensure you give your horse the best care so it lives a long, healthy, and happy life. 1. Establish a relationship with a local vet that is experienced in horse care. Horses should be checked yearly for various illnesses such as colic. Also get your horse de-wormed and have its teeth regularly checked. 2. Proper feeding is essential for good health. Horses naturally like to graze constantly, so try to establish regular times during the day for feeding. Hay should be a staple in your horse’s diet as they need plenty of fiber. Grass and grain are also great menu items. Needless to say, always keep plenty of fresh water available to drink. 3. Make sure your horse gets plenty of exercise. It needs adequate amounts of time outside the stable to keep muscles and circulation in tip top shape. Horses are also social creatures; if you have other horses let them spend time together. 4. Keep your horse’s stable, dry, warm, and clean. Make sure the stable has proper ventilation and also make sure to clean it everyday so there isn’t a buildup of droppings. It’s not a good idea to make a horse stay by itself all the time, so if you don’t have other horses or barn animals, get a cat or 2 to keep your horse company in the barn. 5. Give your horse plenty of attention. Horses love attention from people, so make time everyday to play with him. Talking to your horse is a good way to keep him calm and stress free. And don’t forget, horses love to be scratched and pet, just like dogs. Article Source: