Grooming involves more than simply running a brush over your animal’s coat. There are certain tools that are necessary for good grooming. These tools include:

  • Curry Comb – soft rubber-toothed brush,
  • Dandy Brush – A Stiff bristle brush
  • Body Brush – This is a softer bristle brush that is made of horse hair.
  • Polishing cloth or towel- Used to give the coat a nice finishing shine
  • Hoofpick – Metal or Plastic brush some have a stiff bristle brush on one end.

Steps for grooming your horse

  • The first step in grooming is to curry your horse. Currying is the act of massaging your horse. This helps ease tense muscles and improve circulation. You can curry any muscled part of your horse’s body, including the neck, body, and legs to the knee area. Apply a fair amount of pressure when you groom.
  • The next brush in the grooming process should be the dandy brush this is a stiff bristled brush and should not be used on the face. The dandy brush can be used anywhere on the body or legs and is great for getting off stuck on mud from the legs.
  • Finally, the Body brush can be used just about everywhere on your horse, from their face to their body. This brush will get any remaining dust off your horse, use long brush strokes when grooming with this brush. Brush in the same direction as the hair grows. As a final touch use a polishing cloth to give a nice shine to your horse’s coat.
  • Hoof care is also part of grooming your horse. Use this tool to puck or brush out debris. Sometimes stones can get caught in the horse’s hoofs; this can be potentially dangerous and could cause lameness so attention must be given to this area.
  • The mane and tail can also be groomed but it is a matter of preference whether or not to use a comb, brush, or nothing at all on this area. The dandy brush can be used on this area but be sure to use gentle strokes. If you decide not to brush the mane, you should apply a conditioner or sheen to the area.