The bond is the simplest part of owning and the very beginning of any horse training. Once you get your, him or her home help, him or her to settle in with a tour of the surroundings the horse will be living in. As you are walking around with him or her, speak them, as they are your best friend. You will be doing all the talking but the horse is taking in every word that you say. You care enough to talk to and explain things.

Your horse will notice this and will respond to you. Leave him or her alone once you have him or her settled in let them rest. The next day is when the real work begins training.

When the next day does arrive, be up early and out with your horse in the pen or stall. Feed him or her and if they gentle and carefree and do not mind your presents. While the horse eats, groom him or her and check them over. Always talk to the horse and let the horse know what you are doing. Spend as much time as possible with your equine. This is all bonding so work with your horse as normal when training. Then when you are done leave him or her alone after cooling down and brushing.

If you get some free time, later go to your horse and just be in the presents of him or her. The horse will begin to understand that you care and like to be with them. This is the best kind of training to start with. Continue to work and train your horse as usual but every extra moment you have spend it with your horse night or day it does not matter.

One way that you can test your equine to see if you are truly bonding with him or her or not is wait until the night time when you see your them lay down to rest. Then easily and quietly go to your horse and speak softly so he knows you are there. If the horse gets up before you get to close then you have not completely bonded with your horse yet.

If your horse stays, put and continues to lay there. Then go sit beside him and pet him and rub him and softly talk to him and tell him he is good and you love him.

A horse is vulnerable when lying down and cannot defend itself so you will know the horse truly does trust you and the bonding is working.

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