Having a horse is a big responsibility. By nature, these animals are easy to be with, and are fit to be together with their herd in open spaces. To care for them, you have to keep that in mind, and work your way towards helping them achieve a good disposition. As they learn to adjust to being in a stable, you have to take the time and effort to give the necessary physical activities that they require. They can become discontented if they are not handled in a proper manner.

Aside from a secure and well-built fence, your horse should also have enough protection for the harsh environment. A tree grove will provide nice shade for when it is too hot, but for winds and rain, it is best if you have a three-sided enclosure which your horse can retreat into. Study the direction of the wind well, so that the back part will be able to protect your horse from coming winds.

Make sure that you feed your horse properly. They need a lot of water daily, so always see to it that they have access to drinking water all the time. And with the right diet and nutrients provided for them, your horses will have a good disposition and you will be able to enjoy their company much better. Caring for horses is a full time job so be sure to learn as much as you can.

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